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Research & professional writing courses

I have conducted research evidence reviews for the Welsh Government, as well as literacy- and education-based charities. I have also written reports, handbooks and training materials for education charities and businesses. I am a highly trained, professional researcher with good knowledge of research processes, research integrity, ethics and report writing for diverse audiences. I can complete work as an independent researcher or support you with developing your research process. Fees are dependent upon the work you require. Please contact me directly for further details.


I have also run some very successful writing courses for professionals from a variety of sectors. Courses range from one-hour seminars to whole day events. Some of the topics I cover are listed below, but I am always willing to design new training to meet the specific needs of individual clients. 

  • Understanding the research process

  • Professional writing skills development

  • Writing for the web (articles, blogposts etc.)

  • Writing for diverse audiences

  • Writing with clarity

  • Presentation skills training for professionals

Fees are per workshop or per event.  Please contact me directly for further details.

Past clients

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