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School & university workshops

I regularly provide workshops for learners in schools (primary, secondary and post-16 education) and universities. Depending on the topic, I can provide small small group, whole class or whole year group workshops. The workshops I design are always research-informed. I use a mixture of interactive activities to develop learner confidence. I hold an enhanced child workforce DBS certificate and am registered with the Education Workforce Council. 

Fees are per half day or per full day. Bespoke courses can also be designed. Please contact me directly for further details.  


For schools, I offer workshops in:​

  • Vocabulary development (specifically morphology & etymology)

  • Reading comprehension

  • Oracy skills and confidence

  • Writing skills development

Past workshop topics include:

  • Becoming a word master: Exploring the history of English

  • Being a word detective: Investigating English roots and word parts

  • Shakespeare and oracy

  • Finding your voice through debate

  • Creative story writing

  • Narrative poetry

I also offer workshops that introduce learners to areas of languages, literacy and communication that they may not have studied before. These workshops include:

  • How does language work? An introduction to English language and linguistics

  • Oniscus asellus, Chuggypigs and Billybuttons: Investigating English language variation and change

  • An introduction to Sociolinguistics: Accents, dialects and language variation

  • What's behind the 'Once upon a time'? An introduction to literary theory

  • 'We're going on a book hunt': A journey through literature

I have run some very successful literacy education information and training events for undergraduate and postgraduate students. These range from one hour seminars to whole day events. Some of the topics are listed below, but I am always willing to create new materials to meet the specific needs of individual university departments/faculties.

  • Conducting qualitative research in the classroom, English PGCE students, University of Oxford.

  • Children's vocabulary development: approaches to explicit instruction for trainee English teachers in South Wales. 

  • Developing research-informed practice: Methods for school improvement, English PGCE students (online).

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